Album/Movie : Mumbai City

Artists : Jubin Nautiyal , Saabir Khan

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 28th September, 2016

File Size : 3.59 MB

Description : The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City Mp3 Songs Download Full Album in Original HD Audio .Bhatt started preview of this flim on Monday along with his co-actors Nikhil Ratnaparakhi, Allisha Khan, manager Tariq Khan and manufacturer Rajesh Pardasani at Mumbai.
Sharing his expertise about behaving in the movie, Bhatt said:”Acting is a challenging endeavor. In performing, you need to recall lines and you need to be in your feet. I believe it’s simple to tell how to behave from behind the camera but it’s hard to grin facing camera.
“This is not the same medium and I won’t ever consider myself as a celebrity and if viewers enjoy my performance at the movie afterward, all charge of the belongs into Tariq Khan,” the mythical manager said.

Lyrics :

Awargi se dil bhar gaya

Teri gali mein rehne laga

Jaise kabhi bhi ki na kisiki

Teri fikar mein rehne laga

Tere aansu piyu main Kabhi

tujhko hassaun Tujhe door

se dekhun Kabhi dil mein

basaun Tere khaatir jeeyun

main Kabhi tujhpe lootaaun

Ye jaan meri jaan hai tu…

Tere khuda se maangu main

kya Mujhko duaae aati nahi

Tujhse mohabbat kaise karun

main Mujhko wafa ae aati nahi

Tujhe dekh ke lekhin Yeh dil

dagmagaaye Mujhe meri nazar mein

Tu mujhko uttaye Mera imaan meri jaan hai tu… Bas tu.. Hai tu..


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