Album/Movie : Sonchiraiya (2019) Mp3 Songs

Artists : Mame Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 1 March 2019

File Size : 5.73 MB

Description : Download Baaghi Re – Remix Mp3 Song by Mame Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj in 190kbs. From New Music Album “Sonchiraiya (2019) Mp3 Songs”. Free Download or listen online – in HD High Quality Audio.

Lyrics :Baaghi re..
Aa baaghi re..
Baaghi re..
Aa baaghi re..

Kali kali mati sani.. 
Aatma ko dhona payain.. 
Adha ghar man liye 
Adha kaandhe pe uthain..

Ek sadi ho chali 
Aankh na laagi re 
Bhori bhi laal hai 
Raat ki jagi re
Baaghi re..
Aa Baaghi re..

Na bhi se nu te ho 
Tor bhayo re bhayo

Na sar par bhi bhunkaar
Bhayo re bhayo (x3)

Sagre bhi halki saudaar 
Bhayo re, bhayo re
Bhayo re bhayo re bhayo re..
Punye ke khel mein
Papi ka bhagi re..
Bhori bhi laal hai 
Raat ki jaagi re..
Baaghi re..
Aa baaghi re..

Na jamdood, na kaal
Bhayo re bhayo
Na vikram betaal
Bhayo re bhayo (x2)

Chambal nadi ke gadhiyaal 
Bhayo re bhayo re 
Bhayo re bhayo re, bhayo re..

Pair mein dhul hai 
Rooh mein dagi re
Bhori bhi laal hai 
Raat ki jagi re..
Baaghi re…

Aa baaghi re..


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