Album/Movie : Karwaan

Artists : Saba Azad , Anurag Saikia

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 3rd August, 2018

File Size : 3.43 MB

Description : Karwaan Arijit Singh Download Free New High Quality .
You never know what life has in store for you! Get onto this journey of a lifetime with us! Releasing in cinemas on 3rd August 2018.Emotions. Adventures. Chaos. Experience all of these as you get on board! The journey of 3 lost souls comes early to cinemas.Join Avinash, Shaukat and Tanya on an unexpected journey where each one finds redemption, hope, love and eventually themselves. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of this roller coaster ride.

Lyrics : Aha Haa Haaaa Mere yaar Chota sa apna karobaar Kuch buddhi mil jaye toh Humme bhi thodi de udhaar, Saaki,

Bhar de humara glass Bataa dee, tere amar hone ka raaz, Akella kyun

hai re bandhu Jab hum sab hai tere saath Ab se jayega jidhar tu Tujhe

milege do haath Iss life ke baadh na kuch hai Aur upar hai bass asmaan Log chedte gaye aur banta gaya Karwaan, Meri jaan, Oho ho hooo, Mere yaar

Kaafi teez hai ye dhaar Tedhi medhi c duniya mai Ho jayega bheda paar, Saaki, Bhar de humara glass Bataa dee, tere amar hone ka raaz….

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