Album/Movie : Tum Bin 2

Artists : Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Payal Dev , Ankit Tiwari

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 18 Nov 2016

File Size : 4.68 MB

Description : Download Dil Nawaziyaan, Tum Bin 2 (Arko) 190Kbps Mp3 Song by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Payal Dev , Ankit Tiwari in “190kbs, From” New Music Album “Tum Bin 2 (2016) Movie Mp3 Songs”. Free Download or listen online – in HD High Quality Audio  

Lyrics : Chaand ko fitoor hai
Uske paas noor hai
Aap se mila nahin
Tabhi toh ye guroor hai

Dil mein koi chor hai
Ya aashiqui ka zor hai
Aisi tareef ki wajah koi zaroor hai

Ye dil nawaziyaan
Ho.. ye dil nawaziyaan

Aaj balamwa ghar more aaye
Mann more itraaye, haaye
Jhalak mili baanke piya ki
Nain phire bawraaye, haaye
Nain phire bawraaye, haaye

You follow me .. like
Falling drops of rain
You hold me close and tell me
We won’t be a part again
You needed to be found
Now when you look around
You find me there right next to you
Forever till the end (x2)

Yeh dil nawaziyaan
Ho.. yeh dil nawaziyaan
Yeh dil nawaziyaan
O.. yeh dil nawaziyaan


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