Album/Movie : Karwaan

Artists : Papon, SlowCheeta , Anurag Saikia

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 3rd August, 2018

File Size : 5.37 MB

Description : Karwaan Arijit Singh Download Free New High Quality .
You never know what life has in store for you! Get onto this journey of a lifetime with us! Releasing in cinemas on 3rd August 2018.Emotions. Adventures. Chaos. Experience all of these as you get on board! The journey of 3 lost souls comes early to cinemas.Join Avinash, Shaukat and Tanya on an unexpected journey where each one finds redemption, hope, love and eventually themselves. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of this roller coaster ride.

Lyrics : Aye Mautarma yun na sharma Mai aashiq hu koi creep nahi Aye husn pari you dont worry Meri shayari bhi zyada deep nahi, Tujhe jo dekha~aa

kaynaat hila Manno jaise yaha heatquake hua Sab ruk sa gaya~a waqt tham sa gaya Highway pe sudden jaise break hua, Suno na dil ka ye kehna

Tera mera connection toh hai na You know na sang hai rehna Kyu ki tum meri rooh ka ho gehna, Ki din lovely ye raat jo tum ho mere saath bann

gaya ishq ka karwaan, Jab se dekha ye mujhe kya hua Manno jaise yaha heatquake hua sab ruk sa gaya sab tham sa gaya Manno highway pe

suddenly jaise break hua~aaa, Mashallah, Yeh sama, Shukriya, Hai khuda Ab jo tu kehna hai forver bhi kum Mee life ki tu vajah Jab se dekha ye

mujhe kya hua Uff bahayanak sa ye heart-quake hua, Sab ruk sa gaya sab tham sa gaya Manno highway pe suddenly jaise break hua~aaa Hmmm~mmm.Aaaaa~aaaaa…


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