Album/Movie : Chalk n Duster

Artists : Sandesh Shandilya Shabana Azmi, Sandesh Shandilya

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 15 Jan 2016

File Size : 2.03 MB

Description : Download Jingle Bodmas (Shabana Azmi) – Chalk n Duster – Sandesh Shandilya Shabana Azmi , Sandesh Shandilya in 190kbs. From New Music Album “Chalk n Duster (2016) Mp3 Songs”. Free Download or listen online – in HD High Quality Audio.

Lyrics : The fear of algebra is none
When you learn it, its full of fun
The fear of algebra is none
When you learn it, its full of fun
Once you note the value of x and y
I promise you score very high
So childern, today we will solve
This equation with the rule of
B o d m a s, bodmas

Solve the brackets first, bodmas
Order come after that, bodmas
Divide and multiply, bodmas
Then you add and subtract,
Bodmas bodmas

So children now you all tell me
What is the answer, 46, correct
Bodmas bodmas bodmas
Bodmas bodmas bodmas
Bodmas bod bod mas
Bodmas bod bod mas, bodmas.


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