Album/Movie : Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva

Artists : Tippu, Malathy

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 04 Feb 2017

File Size : 4.02 MB

Lyrics : Morattu massu Motta Siva ketta Siva is back in action
It is a mass local song.
Mass ah rough and tough ah theriyuvoam naanga Figure ah kodutha super ah konjuvoam poanga
Raa aana konjuvoam Pagalaana konjuvoam sirichaalum konjuvoam morachaalum konjuvoam
Lo Lo Lo local marana mass uh pakka local
Pakkathu ootu edhir ootu ponnunga Ellam Enga Mass ah Kitta vandhu kiss uh onnu thaanga
Kannathula kiss ungo kazhuthula kiss ungo Iduppula kiss ungo Just uh konjam miss ungo
Motta Siva da Romba ketta Siva da
Motta Siva da Romba ketta Siva da
Un Motta Thala kooda massu da
Un Morattu pidiyum massu da
Un style um thimirum massu da
Nee eppadi vandhalum massu da
Lo Lo local marana mass uh pakka local
Un mookum muzhiyum massu da
Un mullu kuthum meesayum massu da
Nee ninna…


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