Album/Movie : Welcome To New York

Artists : Khushboo Grewal, Mika Singh, Meet Bros

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 23rd February, 2018

File Size : 7.60 MB

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Singers – Diljit Dosanjh , Sajid Khan , Payal Dev , Dhvani Bhanushali , Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music – Sajid Wajid

Lyrics : Nobody can stop you

Rab di hai yeh scheme sohneya
Childhood da dream sohneya
Qismat mein yeh likha hua hai
Banenge Superstar

Jitne chahe la lo breaker
Chahe lada lo Undertaker
Fighting spirit hai dil mein apne
Assi ni mannde haar

O assi ta henge yaar achiever
Jeetne ka chadha hai fever
Koi bhi aa jaye
Assi ta chhuti kar daange sab di

O chhuti kar daange sab di..

O sadde utte meher hai Rab di
O sadde utte meher hai Rab di
O sadde utte meher hai Rab di (2 times)

Nobody can stop you
Nobody can stop..


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