Album/Movie : Ki And Ka

Artists : Earl Edgar Meet Bros, Meet Bros

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 1 April 2016

File Size : 4.78 MB

Description : Download Most Wanted Munda – Ki And Ka – Earl Edgar Meet Bros, Meet Bros in 190kbs, From New Music Album “Ki And Ka (2016) Mp3 Songs”. Free Download or listen online – in HD High Quality Audio.

Lyrics : Nobody hega like him
Nobody hega like him

Isme toh hazar khubiyaan
Nobody hega like him
Milega na iske jaisa chahe
Chiraag leke dhundhon raat din
Thoda susheel hai, sundar hai
Aur thoda homely
Sambhaale sabko ghar ka kaam kare
Hai man of family
Har lakdi bhole life mein
Ye hunda, hunda, hunda ae

Yeh hai most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
Yeh hai most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
He’s the most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
(Most wanted. Most wanted)

Munda can shop, munda can chop
Kehnde bargaing mein hai ye top
Munda hega smart, master of the art
Iske to seenein mein kudiyon wala heart
He doesn’t need to make any money shoney
Money shoney, money shoney
But he feels on top like a honey bunny
Honey bunny, honey bunny
That you won’t fall in love with him


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