Album/Movie : Manto

Artists : Shankar Mahadevan , Sneha Khanwalkar

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 21st September, 2018

File Size : 3.82 MB

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Presenting the Full Album of Manto starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, directed by Nandita Das.
Manto the film follows the most tumultuous four years in the life of Manto and that of the two countries he inhabits – India and Pakistan. In Bombay’s seedy-shiny film world, Manto and his stories are widely read and accepted. But as sectarian violence engulfs the nation, Manto makes the difficult choice of leaving his beloved Bombay. In Lahore, he finds himself bereft of friends and unable to find takers for his writings. His increasing alcoholism leads him into a downward spiral. Through all of this, he continues to write prolifically, without dilution. This is the tale of two emerging nations, two faltering cities, and one man who tries to make sense of it all.

Lyrics : Oo.. oo oo..

Woh nagri nagri phira musafir
Ghar ka rasta bhool gaya

Kya hai tera, kya hai mera
Apna paraya bhool gaya

Kaise din the, kaisi raate
Kaisi baaten ghaten
Mann balak hai
Pahle pyar ka sundar sapna bhool gaya

Andhiyare se ek kiran ne
Jhank ke dekha sharmayi
Dhundli chhab to yaad rahi
Kaisa tha chehra bhool gaya

Yaad ke pher mein aa kar dil par
Aisi kaari chot lagi
Dukh mein sukh hai
Sukh mein dukh hai
Bhed yeh nyara bhool gaya

Sujh-bujh ki baat nahin hai
Man-mauji hai mastana
Lahar lahar se ja sar patka
Sagar gahra bhool gaya

Woh nagri nagri phira musafir
Ghar ka rasta bhool gaya

Kiya bhoola, kaise bhoola
Kyun puchhte ho, bas yun samjho
Karan dosh nahin hai koyi,
Bhola bhala bhool gaya
Woh nagri nagri phira musafir
Ghar ka rasta bhool gaya.


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