Album/Movie : Fever

Artists : Alisha Pais, Alisha Batth, Shamir Tandon, Subrat Sinha

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 5 August 2016

File Size : 4.60 MB

Description : Download Nahi Nahi – Fever – Alisha Pais, Alisha Batth, Shamir Tandon, Subrat Sinha in 190kbs, From New Music Album “Fever (2016) Movie Mp3 Songs”. Free Download or listen online – in HD High Quality Audio.

Lyrics : Nahi nahi usne kabhi bola nahi,
i love you
nahi nahi wo kabhi bhi kehna nahi,
i miss you
nahi nahi phul bhi nahi laaye mere liye
nahi nahi waqt na chura ke aaye mere liye
nahi nahi laaye mere liye solitair
nahi nahi he never take me downstair anywhere
fever he gives me fever, fever he gives me fever
wo zehar bhi hai, wo kehar bhi hai
be-mehar bhi hai, to mehar bhi hai
usko pyar hai khud se hi hai
kare na wo aitbar khud pe bhi
nahi nahi hath kya hai wo nazar se hi maarde
nahi nahi…


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