Album/Movie : Waiting

Artists : Anushka Manchanda, Nikhil DSouza, Mikey Mccleary Manoj Muntashir

File Type : mp3

Release Date : 27 May 2016

File Size : 4.56 MB

Description : Download Tu Hai Toh Main Hoon – Waiting – Anushka Manchanda, Nikhil DSouza, Mikey Mccleary Manoj Muntashir in 190kbs.
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Lyrics : Can I take it back
To the day we met?
When I stuttered all my words
And I know that made you laugh
And the way you flicked your hair
And I saw that smile you had
Yeah, I know there’s somethin’, there’s somethin’, oh
There’s somethin’ ’bout you
You been been gone a while
I’m like, “Where you been?”
Just split with another man
Isn’t that, like, number ten?
You say you feelin’ alone
And now you need a friend
And oh, there’s somethin’, there’s somethin’ ohThere’s somethin’ ’bout you
There’s somethin’ ’bout you, there’s somethin’ ’bout
There’s somethin’ ’bout youIf you got a moment to spare I got something to say
(I’m waitin’, I’m waitin’)
I’m usually impatient, but girl, I’d be happy to wait
(I’m waitin’, I’m waitin’)
I’m losing sleep over dreamin’ of you


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